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Tenants - Fees


We think fees should be clear, fair and provide value for money…….don’t you? We also want to reward those tenants who work with us by keeping fees to a minimum. You can help us to save you money.


Generally, the Tenant Fee Act 2019 has removed many fees you may have previously associated with letting agents and moving into a private rented home.  That's great news for you.  Generally, the only cost to moving in will be the first months rent and the bond. We’ll do our bit by making our fees as clear as possible where they apply. We’ll also tell how you can assist to save yourself some money which puts you in control. How many agents would do that? Some fees are still payable when the change or work is requested by the tenant such as adding an additional tenant during a tenancy.  These fees are capped in law at £500 or will be justified in the work required if they are higher than this figure.  Generally this only applies to reference and vetting which involves a number of different workstreams and costs.   We know we provide great value and we always will.


We are always willing to listen and so if anything’s not clear, please give us a call and we’ll do our best to explain before we put it right for the next person.


Core Fees


Reference, vetting and application for Tenant requested tenancy amendments

£100 per adult (inc VAT) where requested as an amendment to an existing tenancy by the tenant side as allowed in the Tenant Fees Act 2019

Holding Deposits are taken during an application as per the Tenant Fees Act 2019.  These will not exceed one weeks rent where requested.

Guarantor when required as part of a tenant Request/change £100 (inc VAT) only when part of a tenant change during a tenancy caused or requested by the tenant. No charge as part of initial tenancy set up and application.
Tenancy Agreement Free
Inventory Free
Property Inspection Free
Fixed Term Tenancy renewal £36 (inc VAT) if a tenant request this as a change to an existing tenancy as permitted under The Tenant Fees Act 2019
Periodic Tenancy Available with no charge by negotiation
Late rent payment Considered as part of tenancy reviews in addition to interest charged if over 14 days late (Up to 3% above bank of England Rate)
Cash rent payment No Longer Accepted
Inspection Appointment Failure Considered as part of tenancy reviews in line with conditions of tenancy agreement
Property Move Out No fees charged, The rest is down to you to return the property in good condition.  See move out guide or speak with one of the team.