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Professional Carpet Cleaning


Carpets are one of the most important things to keep clean, that’s why we insist that they are cleaned professionally at the end of each and every tenancy no matter how long the tenant has been in.


To protect your investment and ensure a property is clean and fresh for the next tenant to enjoy, we insist on getting them professionally cleaned. You don’t have to be a client of ours to access these services but if you are, our tenancy agreements include the tenant paying for this service as part of our commitment to maintaining quality homes.


Using a hoover or dyson as part of a cleaning routine is a good start but with everyday living, a deep clean is required every now and again. Through experience, we’ve learned that even the hired machines don’t really get the job done and that’s why we have made it mandatory to get a professional carpet clean completed at the end of every tenancy. Speak to one of team to find out more.