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Our Mission


Our job is to make sure that thousands of adults and children get to enjoy the security of a suitable a home, each day every day and without fail. We make sure landlords and tenants have a quality experience supporting them in getting on and living their lives.


It's also really important to us that our customers enjoy working with us, and as such, we work super hard to be proactive, to keep you informed, and to answer with a 'yes' whenever it's humanly possible. By remaining flexible, and empowering our team to make decisions, we feel you're better served.


How we do it...

To be successful, we build 360 degree relationships, adopting a partnership approach


The most important folk in our business are the tenants themselves. Why? Because whatever we may think or wish for our clients, it's our tenants who enjoy our services and houses which in turn serves the needs of our clients. We therefore make sure our tenants have a smooth enjoyable experience, are treated with respect, provided with everything they need to enjoy their home, and are motivated to reach and maintain standards in relation to the care of our properties.


Why we do it...

We're a family business; as a team we're as accountable to each other as we are to you. With a 22 year history in turning houses to homes, we feel we've got a reputation to protect. On average, our customers remain with us for a significant period of time measured in years. We're humbled and extremely grateful for that, however, we know it makes business sense for them to do so. We offer a great service at a competitive price and because of that, we've grown and people come to us through referral on a monthly basis.