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MOT Your Current Provider


If you already use an agent to manage your property, then great, you're clearly serious about getting things right….. but are they….? We offer a free review of your current letting agent and we’ll even treat you to coffee while we do it.


Does your letting agent offer a FREE property inventory, FREE legionella Risk assessments and an FREE gas certificate in the first 12 months.


There are good and bad service providers out there to manage properties, if you’ve got a good one, hang on to them and we wish you the very best with your investment. However, we know that not everyone provides the value we do or keeps up with innovations or at basic level, even provides the service you deserve. Clients come to us when they are weary of constant charges, estate agents that prioritise sales and view lettings as a bill payer or fail to communicate effectively.


On average, we retain our customers for periods measured in years reflecting our long term relationships and commitments. Of course we’re not perfect, but we’re quick to put our hands up when we get it wrong and more importantly, do everything in our power to put things right. If what we’ve said resonates, we’d love to meet for that coffee. Get in touch today and we’ll arrange a meeting with either Simon or Wendy (our Directors).