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Energy Performance Certificate


The Future of Energy Performance and renting


We are a supplier of energy Performance Certificates in Worksop and surrounding areas but this article is more a comment on the future and how increasing regulations will effect renting houses in the future.


It is still early to be looking at this because early adaptors may lose out on possible Grant funding, some of which is available now.  Early technology is also not always the best given a couple of years as technology changes fast.  For example, electric only heating can qualify for some measure and properties with unfilled cavities are the same.  As we move towards 2025 - 2028 though, its important for all landlords to understand their properties and the implications of changes and have contingency plans in place for what that means.


We've developed a wealth of experience in this area and in conjunction with our partners, are already taking steps to ensure plans are in place and that properties make the grade.  If you are looking to renovate a property, this is also the perfect time to consider these issues as it may already be stripped back to brick or similar to allow some of these works.  We are starting to work with clients on a consultant basis for these issues and so feel free to get in touch if you need help.


These issues can also factor into every day thinking and maintenance.  An example would be that a failing boiler that requires replacement may result in an upgrade to a combi gas boiler, rather than a a replacement heat only boiler because this will be better both in the real world and on the EPC for the future grading, even though both provide heating and hot water.


If you are already having works yourself, you should make sure you secure plenty of evidence of any works carried out to be able to evidence the works to an energy assessor in the future.  Energy assessors can come under criticism but the industry is heavily regulated and so they are limited as to what they can record.  Evidence is the key here, so having gone to the trouble of the works, evidence is key to realise the value.


If you would like help with this or any other topic, please email Simon at


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