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Landlord Feedback


Properties have a natural cycle and there comes a time when an owner wants to end the renting of a property.  In 8 years, we can openly say only on one occasion, a client took a property to a competitor and despite trying to understand why, we're still not sure.  However, when a landlord moves back in or wants to sell a home, its a great time for feedback because there person is free to say what they like without any fear of a negative impact.  Not everyone has google accounts for feed back, so this is a recent emails where people proactively shared their thoughts without prompt....Its gold dust for us and lets us know we're on the right track.


Hello Simon,


Firstly, thank you for your very professional management of our property for the past few years. Secondly to commend you for those 'additional' tasks you have covered for uss and for putting up with our constant requirements.


I wish you continued success in your Business


With thanks


Michael Jones


And even tenants send similar content.


Hi Kaisu,


I would like to thank Oakwood letting agency for the way you have dealt with me during my 2 year of letting a property with the company. 


You have all been great and I couldn’t of wanted for a better service than what I have received. 


Even during the pandemic I felt as though I could call at anytime and whatever issues I had would be resolved. You all have truly been amazing and are great at what you do. (The landlord or landlady’s of the property should feel so secure knowing there homes are in your hands). 


The property is an amazing little home it’s truly beautiful and the owner has a special home there that will make many people happy. 


I loved the place as soon as I walked in and that’s why I’ve tried my best to make it as nice as possible. 


I have with regret and excitement decided it’s time to give my notice as my step dad has bought me my own property in an area that is better suited to me. 


I have the decorator coming over the weekend to freshen the place up and I assure you it will be in its best condition. 


Thank you again. 


Kind regards 



Give us a call on 01909 470007 and ask for Simon if we can help you as we'f love to be the solution to renting your property. 

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