Tennant Referencing

Outsourcing v In house

We know what we do and why but do many landlords even think about this.  Well…….its about time you did.  Outsourced tenant referencing is great, it saves agents time, has a fixed fee to it and with a click of a button can be left for others to get on with……Wrong. 

If the referencing company gets to know the tenant and we’re not really sure that is true either, how does the lettings company know who they are dealing with.  Its easy to get a tick in a box from an employer to say someone’s working or to get a previous landlord to say the rent was always paid on time but to get a real understanding of someone, you have to ask them directly, ask extra questions and read between the lines.  One question follows another and before you know it, the rent was paid on time but the garden was left in a mess and cost money to put right.

We match what we discover during conversations with what people are telling us on the phone.  You can only do this if your connected with the whole process.  This isn’t a paper exercise, it is risk reduction to ensure we achieve the best tenants in a practical world.

Distance permitting, we follow this up with home visits to get the real picture,

We recently carried out a visit for a single male who had applied to rent a small house.  The visit found he currently lived in a nice property but had 2 dogs which he hadn’t mentioned and thought it would be OK if they stayed with him occasionally.  The tenancy still went ahead but we were able to deal with this issue in advance preventing future problems and the dogs went elsewhere.

On another occasions, the previous landlord gave us a great letter about how clean and tidy the tenant was.  Well, it certainly wasn’t the words we used when we called by to see how they were currently living.  People are entitled to live their lives however they wish, just not in our properties.

The value this adds is immeasurable to the process and probably why at the time of writing we have zero rent arrears and a zero dispute rate with the TDS.